There are many seniors and disabled in our country who cannot decide if they should take a bath or if they should stay home. While the latter option may be appealing, they are not always comfortable with the idea of having to use the bathroom. Before you let your elderly and disabled loved ones down, consider their wishes and consider making it a safer and more accessible bathtub setup.

You may have experienced the frustration of constantly running to the bathroom to find that your bathtub is nowhere to be found. This can be frustrating for your loved ones who are prone to chronic constipation. When they can’t get to the bathroom at all, it is often difficult to get them to make the extra effort to use the bathroom. They have no idea what is making it so hard for them to use the bathroom when you can’t find it.

These same people don’t even know what bathtub they are using or what brand it is. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to start making your bathroom setup more accessible and safe. When it comes to bathing, many seniors and disabled simply don’t realize how many options there are for them. When they have the freedom to go and get a good bath at any time of the day, they don’t mind taking a long one in the tub. This can help relieve tension in their body and ease their muscles in an accessible bathtub setup.

When they first had the freedom to choose where they would bathe, most seniors and disabled just purchased a tub that was over or under-sized for their needs. Now that they are free from those choices, it is time to start looking into your bathtub to see what makes it accessible. One thing you can do is to consider buying a floor model that is smaller. Since they can’t fit their entire body in a tub of this size, they can easily just sit on a chair and get the water flowing for them.

Another thing you can do is try to find an adjustable model to make it easier for your loved ones to access. Many disabled and elderly in the United States have mobility issues, which makes them unable to move around as much as other people in the home. If you find a bathtub that can be adjusted in size and can be placed in a position that is easy for them to use, you can make it safer and more accessible for them.

You can also find adjustable, handicap, or showering bathtubs that feature an archway bath. By creating a few steps in front of your wheelchair, it will allow you to move around easier. Some of these bathroom options can make your tub more comfortable and convenient, without the need for added features.

Don’t be afraid to go to the store and look for a variety of bathtubs for you and your loved ones. While you may not be able to change the bathroom yourself, you can ensure that you are giving your elderly and disabled the best bathtub experience possible. Your bathroom can be the safe and accessible bathtub setup that everyone needs for their special needs.

Taking the time to make your bathroom more accessible and safe for elderly and handicapped is an important step to making sure that your loved ones can enjoy a quality bath. Make your bathtub a safe and accessible bathtub setup and everyone will thank you for it.